About Me


My work in photography is focused mainly on landscapes. While in the field I make videos that document my experiences taking photographs; along the way I share things that I've learned. This includes everything from the basics of photography to more advanced camera shooting and post-processing techniques.

My Photography Story

I’ve always been a visual person, even as a young child, I was always staring out the window daydreaming. It wasn't until I got a bit older that I began to fall in love with photography. When I was 14 years old in the summer before I started attending high school I took a photography class where we learned to shoot on black and white film. I loved the experience of creating images from start to finish which solidified my love for photography from that time on.

Today the process of creating an image from start to finish has transitioned from film to digital. I especially love landscape photography even as the technology for creating an image changes. I love creating and sharing images that express the way I see the beauty that the landscapes of nature offer. It's my passion in life.

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